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Lyngen & Northern Norway

World famous for its magnificent scenery, northern lights and midnight sun. The skiing from mountain to the fjords in Lyngen is a once in a lifetime experience and a must for ski tour enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Lyngen peninsula is situated in northern part of Troms county. It is the largest alpine mountain area in Norway, and do also probably have the highest density of steep alpine peaks. As it is situated at 69 degrees north, you can start skiing at the shoreline during parts of the spring season, and climb summits with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and sea scapes. 

The higher parts of Lyngen is covered with glaciers, and we find a lot of good skiing on these. The highest peak in Lyngen are Jiekkevarri (1833), which is covered by an ice cap. The region also includes the mountains on the east side of the Lyngen fjord, in Kåfjord, as well as the islands to the northeast and north west. In the south the mountains are still big, but the valleys are wider and the summits are less steep. Here we find the Tamok valley which also offer plenty of opportunities for ski touring. With a boat or a minivan and guides with local knowledge the possibilities are endless.

The ski touring options south of Lyngen is also great, and recently the island Senja has rosen to fame. It is situated south of the county capital of Tromsø. It resembles Lyngen by having steep and very alpine peaks, but they are sligthy smaller. This is a great opportunity if you already have been to Lyngen and want to explore new areas. Also the area around Tromsø offer some good skiing, such as the island Kvaløya, with the peaks of Hollenderan, Skittentind and Storstolpan, which is part of the skyline when looking westward from Tromsø Airport.

Local climate

The mountains on the Lyngen peninsula do all have coastal climate, which means that weather and conditions changes quickly. Luckily, the area south of Lyngen offer more stable, continental climate, where we can find shelter if the weather in Lyngen is too harsh for our liking. Our IFMGA mountain guides have local knowledge about the large variations in snow conditions from place to place and from day to day, which makes it possible for you to ski good and safe snow under most weather conditions. A normal ski season will begin in late December and often it will last into May. From May 20 to July 20 you can experience the Midnight Sun in the Lyngen Alps. Skiing with continuous sunshine is really an experience itself. If you want to experience the Northern Lights without staying up all night you should be no later in the season than mid March.

Accomodation and food

In Lyngen area there is several rental cabins, hotels and boats. The local hub is Lyngseide, which has several shops, a few restaurants, a few hotels and cabin rentals. If you want to organize you own accomodation you need to book well in advance, as the most popular places get booked early. It is recommended to stay as close as possible to the attendance point to get the most out of the day. If you need help finding accommodation, we’ll be happy to help you. On our guided tours, you must bring your own lunch, unless otherwise has been agreed with the guide.


It is easy to get to Tromsø city by air from cities such as Bergen and Oslo (Gardermoen). However, it is an advantage having a car to reach the mountains. All the big car rental companies have offices in Tromsø. From Tromsø it is a one and a half hour drive to Lyngseidet. The trip require a ferry, check timetable here. Or hire a yacht for accomodation and local transport to the mountains. If you need help finding transportation solutions locally (car, minibus, yachts etc.) we’ll be happy to help you.

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