Bre og fjell

Breogfjell Mountain Guides offers nature adventures in the Norwegian wilderness. Our passion is the pure experience offered by the scenic Norwegian fjords and mountains. Our experienced guides will safely guide you to our highest peaks, deepest powder and most beautiful landscapes. Bre og Fjell is Norwegian for Glaciers and Mountains.

In the winter season we offer guided alpine ski tours, also with a sailboat as transport to untouched aeras. We also have ice climbing and avalanche courses.

In the summer we offer peak climbing, glacier guiding, and hiking tours as well as glacier and climbing courses. The starting point for most of out activities is beautiful Jotunheimen National Park in Sogn and the beautiful Romsdal in Western Norway.

People working in Breogfjell are qualified IFMGA Mountain Guides or approved in Norway by Norsk Fjellsportforum

The Breogfjell Mountain Guides


Gjert Grødal

IFMGA Mountain Guide. Gjert is a full time mountain guide. In addition education in sports and health related projects from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Contact

Halvor Dannevig

IFMGA Mountain Guide. Halvor is based in Sogndal and guides in Sogn, Jotunheimen National Park, Sunnmøre, Romsdal and the Alps. When he is not working in the mountains, he works with climate and environmental research at Western Norway Research Institute in Sogndal. Contact

Øyvind Eek

Øyvind is based in Hemsedal and are soon finish with his qualification to be a certified IFMGA Mountain guide. Øyvind works all over Norway both summer and winter. Contact

Stein Falsen Møller

IFMGA Mountain Guide. Graduate Geologist form Sogn og Fjordane University College. Stein lecture rescue training in Aak AS. Leader of the alpine mountain rescue group in Hordaland. Contact

Ken Pettersen

IFMGA Mountain Guide. Ken is based in the Trondheim area, and guides in Oppdal / Trollheimen, Sunnyvale, Jotunheimen, Sunnmøre, Romsdal, Northern Norway and the Alps. Ken works as an ambulance worker. Contact

Einar Løken

IFMGA Mountain Guide. Einar has several years of experience in the mountains, and is one of our full-time mountain guides. In addition, Einar has a Bachelor degree in outdoor leadership, alpine skitouring and avalanche awareness from Sogn og Fjordane University College. Einar is also active in the alpine mountain rescue group in Sogn. Contact

Per Magne Bakke

IFMGA Mountain Guide. Jobs as a mountain guide in Breogfjell and with roap access in CAN AS. Has lived in Chamonix where he managed the French Breogfjell department. Now he’s back in the motherland and have settled between the mountains and fjords in Skei. Per Magne is a trained carpenter. Contact

Even Melhus

Even is based in Sogndal but works all over Norway with ski guiding, climbing and glacier guiding. Even is under qualification to be a certified IFMGA Mountain guide. Contact

Viktor Persson

Viktor is CEO and the administrator of Breogfjell and most likely the one you will talk to if you contact Breogfjell. Viktor is located in Sogndal. Contact