Ski touring Jotunheimen and Hurrungane

We have been playing in these mountains for years, and it would be a pleasure for us to have you join us on a trip to Hurrungane in Jotunheimen!

No other mountains takes you higher in Norway than the mountains in Jotunheimen and Hurrungane. And there is ski touring possibilities for both the expert and the beginner.

Book a spot in a guided group in Hurrungane

In collaboration with Turtagrø Hotel, we offer guided tours in open groups for up to 6 people on selected weekends in  spring. Here you will get to visit some of the classics in the area of Hurrungane in Jotunheimen like Soleitind, Ringstind, Store Dyrhaugstind, Gjertvasstind, Austerbotntind, Steindalsnosi, and Fanaråken. Most of these mountains offer various descents and combination possibilities.

The tour of the day is decided fin the base of the weather forecast, snow conditions, avalanche forecast  and from the guest wishes and abilities.

Highly qualified guides

All guides working in Breogfjell are qualified IFMGA Mountain Guides (called “Tindevegledere” in Norwegian) or approved in Norway by Norsk Fjellsportforum. They also know the area like their own pocket. For ski mountaineering we only use IFMGA certified guides or aspirant guides.

Tailored Offers

We will make a tailored offer for you and your group.  Contact us for packages included food, accommodation and transport.  For both longer and shorter stays. We have cooperation with a range of accommodation. We will tailor this to your preferences and needs.

Equipment needed

  • Alpine ski touring skis, telemark skis or splitboard
  • Skins
  • Ski boots
  • Ski poles
  • Ski crampons
  • Avalanche beacon, showel and probe
  • Ice axe and crampons
  • 30-40L backpack
  • Goggles
  • Water bottle or thermos
  • Back country ski clothing
      • long underwear (wool preferably)
      • mid layer jacket/sweater (thin fleece or wool)
      • wind and water proof shell jacket and pants
      • hat
      • gloves
      • ekxtra isolator jacket (down, primaloft, fleece of wool)

    Missing backcountry equipment?
    You can rent all required equipment from us.

    This might be your skiing weekend!

    It´s important for us that you and your friends, family or colleagues get good experiences in the mountains. “Skill-adjusted tours” is a term we have used in the Norwegian friluftsliv (outdoor life) for years and is central to the trip planning. On this trip you should be comfortable carrying a ski touring day-pack and skinning for several hours. There is likely to be mixed snow conditions on sun exposed or wind blown areas and you should be comfortable skiing through forested slopes. Our guides will adjust the itinerary according to conditions and the group’s wishes. This is a trip for those appreciating their creature comforts after a great day’s skiing.

    Skit touring Sigrid Stjernvang