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Terms and conditions for booking and participation in events and activities organized by Breogfjell AS

For booking of multiple contenders: It is mandatory that each participant read and understands all information regarding both personal- and company responsibility.

For activities outside Norway and the Alps, separate Terms and Conditions will be provided.

Participant responsibility

Accidents and injuries may occur during all mountain activities. Breogfjell has high focus on minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries by using guides with the highest possible relevant qualifications. On ski mountaineering and mountain climbing activities we use IFMGA certified guides or aspirant guides. All guides commits at all time to honour the company safety instructions.

The overall responsibility for the safety of the group belongs to the guide(s). The guide will have high competence with respect to safety in the mountains, identification of potential hazards and general safety when traveling in a group. The activity will be optimized according to the specific group (physical shape, personal skills, experience etc.). Hence, it is important to take these factors into account when choosing from the different products that Breogfjell offer. For the guide to take responsibility for the entire group, each participant must:

  • At all times comply with the instructions given by the guide
  • Always stay behind the guide unless other arrangements have been made
  • Stop/wait at predefined locations

Other important safety aspects are:

  • Each participant must inform the guide of medical conditions, illnesses or disorders that may be relevant for safety reasons or aggravated during the event/activity. Please consider the suitability of such an event/activity before booking
  • Each participant must replace self-inflicted damage or loss of equipment that belongs to Breogfjell

Booking procedures and terms

1.     Booking

For activities that do not include food, lodging or transport: A binding contract is in force from receipt of the payment of a deposit of 2000 NOK pr participant or the full cost of the booked activity.

For ski and sail and activities include lodging and/or food and/or transport: 50% of the fee must be paid within 10 days after booking. The customer will receive an invoice for advance payment after submitting a booking form or making a reservation through phone or email.

For all activities/events: The contract is regarded as non-binding prior to this payment. The entire cost of the event/activity must be paid during booking if the price is lower than 7.500 NOK for the event/activity.

2.            What is included in the price

Each event/activity with Breogfjell includes the following:

  • Qualified guide/instructor/supervisor
  • All expenses for the guide which may not be specified in the information for the event/activity
  • All personal safety equipment (unless other information has been provided) during the event/activity. This may be:
    • Avalanche safety equipment (beacon, avalanche pole, shovel)
    • Climbing equipment (harness with accessories, helmet, crampons, ice axe, ropes)
    • Personal equipment for glacier hikes (harness with accessories, helmet, crampons, ice axe, ropes)
    • Other potential safety equipment
  • Lodging, transport and/or food is included where such services are specified in the product description.

3.            Terms of payment

The remaining payment (total fee minus the deposit) must be paid 15 days prior to the event/activity unless other is defined. For ski and sail and events that include lodging and/or food and/or transport: The whole fee must be paid no later than 60 days prior to the event.

4. Terms and conditions for safety

4.1 Cancellation and travel insurance

Each participant is recommended to take out a personal travel and accident insurance. It is your responsibility to take out adequate personal accident and travel insurance. Breogfjell do not provide such insurances. For larger events, it is recommended to include risks of cost of cancellation by you in the insurance.

4.2 Information about personal health

It is mandatory for each participant to inform about their personal health issues since this may affect the general safety for the entire group and personal safety during the event/activity.

4.3 Risk during mountain activities

Participation on mountain activities (rock climbing and or ”scrambling”, ice climbing, glacier hikes and back country ski touring) carry a risk. Each participant must at all times comply with all instructions and directions given by the guide. Breogfjell will not be financially responsible for harm or injury on people or equipment unless the accident is due to serious negligence by the guide.

4.4 Competence and qualifications

Breogfjell seeks to minimize all risks related to our activities by using guides authorized through Norsk Fjellsportforum or the international mountain guide association (IFMGA/UIAGM/IVBV). The guides must at all time follow the internal safety instructions.

4.5 Loss of equipment

Participants must replace self-inflicted loss of equipment borrowed or rented from Breogfjell.

5. Cancellation terms

5.1-a Cancellations and refunds for activities in Norway that do not include food, transport and lodging

Each participant may cancel the reservation prior to 30 days before the event. A cancelation fee of NOK 2000 must be paid by the participant.

If the cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to the event, the following rules will apply:

  • Cancellation when there are between 30 and 15 days left until the event starts: Refund of the paid amount minus the size of the deposit. If the full price has been paid, this will be refunded minus NOK 2000,-.
  • Cancellation between 14 and 8 days before the event starts: Participant(s) pay 50% of the full price of the event.
  • Cancellation less than 7 days prior to the event / failure to show up: Full price for the event is charged

Larger groups may be given a discount according to the amount of contenders. This discount may be withdrawed if members of the group make a cancellation. The respective share of the total price will be refunded to the members who made the cancellation. A re-calculation of the discount according to the reduced size of the group will be performed, and a new price for the remaining participants will be charged.

5.1-b Cancellations and refunds for packages in Norway

These terms considers ski and sail and other multi-day events that includes accomodation and/or food and/or transport.

  • Cancellation >60 days prior to the event: Refund of  fee minus deposit.
  • Cancellation between 60 and 30 days prior to the event: 50 % of fee refunded.
  • Cancellation 30 days or less prior to the event / failure to show up: Full price for the event is charged.

5.1-c Cancellations and refunds for activities outside Norway and the Alps

Separate terms and conditions will apply.

5.1-d Cancellations and refunds for glacier tours

For one day glacier tours like the Haugabreen Glacier Hike these rules will apply:

  • Cancellation 30 days prior or more to the event will be refunded free of charge
  • Cancellation within 30 days of the event will not be refunded

5.2 Cancellation due to sudden illness or accidents

Same conditions as section 5.1, cancellation and refunds. For larger events, Breogfjell recommends participants to take out personal insurance that cover the cancellation (normally available through travel insurance).

5.3 Change of booked activity

Participant(s) may change their booked activity by paying an administrative fee of 1000 NOK pr person pr change if Breogfjell has the opportunity to fulfil the new request by the customer. The change might be regarded as a cancellation if the total cost for Breogfjell is larger than the administrative fee. In this case, the rules of cancellation will apply (section 5.1).

6. Breogfjells right to change or cancell an event

6.1 Limited attendees

Breogfjell has the opportunity to cancel the event if the required minimum attendees are not met. Unless other information has been given, the cancellation must be performed:

  • 60 days prior to ski and sail trips
  • 30 days prior to guided trips

The customers must be notified prior to the 60/30 days defined above. Breogfjell shall inform and refund the customers as early as possible.

6.2 Adverse weather/conditions

For safety reasons, Breogfjell may change the event in case of unfavourable weather conditions or matters beyond our control.

The changes shall be optimized in order to make the inconvenience as low as possible for the customers. Breogfjell will offer the participant(s) an alternative event at the same time as the original. The customers will be charged for the event that is actually performed. In case of substantial changes to the event, the customer is offered a refund of the total price minus the deposit.

6.3        Illness or injury for the guide

Breogfjell will strive to offer a new guide with similar qualifications in case of illness or injury to the guide. The event might be cancelled if Breogfjell fails at replacing the guide. In such scenario the total cost will be refunded.

7. Miss spells

Miss spells might occur in the documentation provided by Breogfjell.

Breogfjell reserves the right to inform that miss spells might occur in all provided information e.g. web pages, price lists, e-mails and brochures.

8. Protection of your personal / private data

Information regarding your name and general contact information you have provided while booking an event with Breogfjell is regarded as personal and private information. Breogfjell needs to register and store these data in order to deliver the product you have chosen (alternative providing an offer you have requested). By accepting the terms and conditions you also accept that Breogfjell can store this information and send you general information in the future. You can at anytime be removed from the mailing list.  You can also request that your personal information is deleted.

9. Privacy policies

Breogfjell have updated the privacy policies based on the new EU regulations. The new regulations are activated 1st of July 2018, and applies to all of Europe, providing increased focus and requirements for those who process and stores personal data. This is to increase your own safety and to prevent incidents where your private data is misused.

We need your consent to store your personal data when you participate on our events. This is done automatically by approving our “terms and conditions” for a specific event on our website. If you do not give Breogfjell concept to store your personal data, this can be avoided by sending an email to We will then delete all your private data directly after you have participated in the event.